Myths and Facts about Homeopathy - By Dr. Sandeep Dadhich

Today we brought you an article on Homeopathy.

As you should know, recently in India, Prime-minister Narendra Modi has assumed the importance of several medical and welfare systems by creating Ayush Ministry (AYUSH – Ayurveda, Yoga, Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy) in November 2014. This giant step on Indian governance has allowed the worldly waited recognition of Yoga and Natural medicines as fundamental systems for the global wellness of society. It is, in fact, a great example for all mankind, to have a country which dedicates a whole ministry to advocate the welfare, and their own country tradition on these strong and natural medical systems, as a viable alternative to conventional medicine.


As you know, here in Dharmadhatu, we dedicate to Yoga and Ayurveda, as complementary systems and tools for the ultimate realization. So, after taking care of Sthula Sharir (the physical or gross body) through Ayurvedic procedures and some external Yoga procedures, in order to tune Sthula and Sukshma Sharir ( Physical body and subtle body), we can start to dive in to Antara Yoga (a more internal perception of Yoga), in order to achieve Moksha – realization or liberation.

Although we base our work on this two system, we largely recur also to Homeopathy, and almost never on conventional medicine, despite we do not deny its importance.

It is said in India that each medicine serves each kind of person according to the three Gunas. Therefore, if a person is more sattvic and by so, more subtle, homeopathy will be in the same energetic range of action and will have great results in this kind of person. If a person is passionate and an inquirer, if the person likes to have control over her own life, then Ayurveda and prescription of diet, plants, and minerals will for sure fit this rajasic being. If, on another hand, a person is dull, tamasic and just want results without any kind of proactivity, allopathy will work great on her.

This last sentence does not prevent the ability of intercommunication between medical systems, but in fact, shows us that by grade of subtleness, we can act in different layers of our own body, using different systems, in order to heal ourselves not as a limited portion of matter or humanity, but as a whole. Integrating body, mind and spirit, Tamas, Rajas and Sattva, gross and subtle, in the same pack, and delivering the right need to the right human layer of existence at each time.

Personally, I have seen the great result Homeopathy reaches in so many different cases that I had surrendered to it, as I have surrendered to Ayurveda and Yoga. Kids, and even me, react very well to homeopathy intake and as so, we think it would be useful to give you some knowledge about it.

Dr. Sandeep is an excellent Homeopath and even being so far away from our country, it is with him we do our family consultations. Because we know and totally trust his work, Dharmadhatu has opened also a partnership with Dr. Sandeep's Clinic, and we now have a cooperation protocol with him, giving our patients of Ayurveda the opportunity to profound a bit more their Ayurvedic treatment with the help of homeopathy.

If you want to schedule an Ayurvedic consultation or an online homeopathy consultation please contact us for further details.

We let you now with Dr. Sandeep's article about some myths and facts on homeopathy.

Hope you like it :) Luzia – Dharmadhatu's Yoga Teacher and Holistic Healer

Myths and Facts About Homoeopathy

(होम्योपैथी...मिथ एन्ड फैक्ट्स) (হোমিওপ্যাথির গল্প এবং গল্প (होमिओपॅथी मिथ आणि तथ्ये)


Being the second largest system practiced all over the world still there are many misconceptions about homeopathy prevails.

Most of the time, criticisms about the system are made by non-homeopathic and non-medical people, and even among the non-homeopathic medical brethren, homeopathy is misunderstood or it is not taken to that level of understanding.

Normally, awareness about homeopathy is restricted only to the beneficiaries of it. As so, and as a qualified practicing homeopath, I felt it was my duty to clarify the common myths which prevail in the society about homeopathy:



Homeopathy is a slow system it takes a long time to cure or relieve the diseases.

Fact: Homeopathy is not a slow system. Cure and relief depend upon at what stage the patient approaches for homeopathy treatment. In the case of chronic diseases with suppressions, it will take a course of time. “As earlier the approach as faster the relief” is the rule.



Homeopathy is only for chronic ailments and is not effective in acute diseases.

Fact: Except for a few medical emergencies which require immediate hospitalization and specialty care, homeopathy can treat acute cases like fever, cold, vomiting, diarrhea, etc, effectively and with instant relief.



Homeopathy medicines are placebos.

Fact: Homeopathy medicines undergo a process called potentisation in which ultra dilution is prepared with a dynamic conversion of crude drug substances. Most of the time controversy comes about the ultra dilution beyond Avogadro's number, but those dilutions were clinically proven on human beings.



Homeopathy medicines contain steroids and heavy metals.

Fact: In homeopathy, there is no place for steroids or heavy metals. Since all the source materials undergo a process of potentisation and trituration there won’t be even a trace of crud metal elements in it. Homeopathic pharmacies pass through strict standard quality control systems before delivering medicines to the consumer.



Homeopathy can’t be used with other conventional medicines.

Fact: Around 60% of patients who approaches homeopathy will be already taking some or other medicines for different ailments like Diabetes, Hypertension, I HD, etc. It is not a constraint to use conventional medicines along with homeopathy. If some interactions can occur, the homeopathy doctor will give the instruction about how much time should be given between both medicines.



Homeopathy always aggravate the disease condition when start taking it

Fact: In any chronic disease, the selection of remedies will be based on the disease condition and the susceptibility of the patient. Therefore, any unwanted aggravations will be avoided. In some cases where the patient approaches homeopathy after some suppressive treatments, homeopathy medicines will bring them to the surface before curing it. It is called “Homeopathic aggravation” which will disappear in the course of treatment.



Homeopathy is an alternative for surgical conditions

Fact: Homeopathy is not always an alternative for surgical conditions. We have our own scope and limitations in treating the surgical conditions. Surgical conditions will be treated by surgery only.



Self-medication in homeopathy is harmless.

Fact: Very wrong idea. Each and every homeopathy drug has its wide range of action and application. So just knowing few drugs by its name without knowing its pharmacology will cause unwanted side effects in long-term. So it is always wise to consult a homeopath to start with a treatment.



Homeopathy doesn't require any diagnosis and investigation for treating diseases

Fact: Like other systems, homeopathy also requires proper diagnosis and investigation if needed in a particular case.



There are too many restrictions in food and lifestyle habits while taking homeopathy treatment.

Fact: Restrictions always come as a general managing for a particular disease condition. Example: Avoiding sweets in diabetes and avoiding oily and fried food in patients having high cholesterol levels. Avoiding strong coffee and strong smelling balms or do not smoke immediately after taking medicines will aid in a faster action of homeopathy medicines.

By: Dr.Sandeep Dadhich | MD(Hom.Medicine) | General Physician | Chief Consultant on SAMYEK HOMEOPATHY CLINIC & RESEARCH CENTER