Indian Log #1 - Himalayas - To donate and to Serve (ENG)

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Today we went to visit a school. 45 children were studying there. All days, Baba, our dearest Guru, gives them 45 complete meals. All years, they receive a backpack and an umbrella. All months, soap, toothbrush and toothpaste… they are accompanied by an allopathic doctor and are given medicines…

girls at school

They live in a village where walks have half a meter wide and lean over between green mountains and waterfalls that cross the little streets of Himalayas. Once in a while, we put our feet inside the water, passing this watered ways with this abundant cascades which run almost vertical in this magnificent slopes. We gaze majestic monkeys, who quickly escape in this slippery green-moss cliffs of an unstable mountain, where landslides are constant and bunches of stones wait, piled up in main roads so that walls can be built to hold these slopes so often torn apart by monsoon heavy rain.

green Himalayas

During today’s evening, a thunderstorm rumbled so high that the wall of our sleeping room trembled… But rain is bestowed with the perfect temperature which allows that all five elements come together in balance so that we can live perfection. Here, where the state of grace appears naturally, where meditation happens without endeavor, where the Saraswati river converges with Kali to make us inebriated with the strong sonority of Her course… The persistent flow of Her waters makes us feel the impermanence of life. But here, in these mountains, all do. A mountain that changes from day to day, seasons that hasten one over another and allows us to see some times the majestic snowy peaks at the bottom, other times the clouds running in front of our eyes, with warm heavy rain that flood the ways and makes us feel that umbrellas are mostly obsolete.

Here in the Himalayas, we can understand how hard it is to get access to almost all we westerns think it is basic. Priorities didn’t arrive yet to infrastructures because before that there are still people needing food, education and medical care.

I look around, and with our western lenses, I could bend over in the toughness of these lives. But after a good couple of days here, I can understand that this simplicity makes them even happier. Children, live and play on the street. They play a game known as dodgeball with an improvised and reutilized ball made from cloths. I look at them and I miss my youth… My children don’t know what is to play dodgeball on the streets…

girl with her sister at school medical examination

At the school we visited, children are between 3 and 10 years. I look particularly to one girl that carries in her lap a little sister (I suppose) of about two to three years. She takes care of the younger one as a mother. Not letting her go, giving her lap... The kids here all talk “Hinglish” just as they say mixing Hindi with English, but they have a smile on their faces and know all the mantras by heart and while lined up they sing it with pride.

Today we have been with them. Each of us had the possibility of distributing some kits with backpack, soaps, umbrella… We assisted to their meal, daily donated, and my youngest daughter gave them some Portuguese herbal candies we brought from Portugal to each of them. We only had 35 candies to 45 children… So we gave priority to the youngest ones.


Babaji took a projector. It has been visioned a 15-minute movie about an Indian boy who saw in everything an opportunity. He was an entrepreneur. “Ambani, the investor” was the name of the movie and it won international prizes. I could understand why… In the middle of this harsh simplicity they live in, choices are scarce and options are minimal… Each sign of hope can make a world of difference in these minds. These ones that we had visited, have an accrued luck - at few hundreds of meters from their school lives a renouncer with a heart of gold. Who receives us as if we were his family. Filling with brightness and light the eyes of these kids.

Today I feel grateful! For being here. For understanding that there is always one helping hand to those in need. For understanding that a Saint or Sadhu, a Renouncer, Sannyasi, has chosen service - Seva. Such as him, many others, from a bigger mission that supports this one. One that decentralizes to reach everybody. Sannyasis who meditate, but don’t close themselves to the world but rather serve it. Accomplishing Vivekananda’s dream… Being tools of Thakur, God, believing their existence as inexistent and merely a glimpse of the divine being perpetuated in multiple live's ways and that in their particular case has tuned with the oneness. So much we learn from a soul like that! What an ideal is superimposed and substantiated in example when we allow ourselves to deeply live together with their simple and intangible way of thinking...

Today, I saw my kids realizing the importance of helping, the meaning of having or giving an opportunity. I am happy and grateful! In this place of Himalayas - from which I don’t reveal the name so that quietness could be perpetuated - simplicity and poverty are coated with opportunity, soften by kindness, unveiled by service... Thank you for this opportunity Mother India! I am surrendered and bowed to your untamed force and to your divine goodness!

I am very grateful! Very grateful!

31.08.2019 | Luzia